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Printed peppermint for a tasty promotion

Candy and peppermints with logo are excellent for handing out at fairs, openings of companies, events and open days. While there are many giveaways/premiums suitable for these occasions, such as ballpoint pens, lighters and key cords, customers also like to take a peppermint with logo. Peppermints with logo are fresh sweets that no one refuses. Hand out rolls of peppermints at various occasions; it will contribute positively to your brand awareness.

Printed peppermints: ample choice in packaging

You can offer peppermints with logo in various packaging. At IGO-POST you have ample choice. We can have rolls of King Peppermints printed with your logo and/or the original King peppermint logo. In addition to printing the packaging, we print your logo on the peppermints, or we print your logo on the cans, pots, dispensers or transparent synthetic packaging. You can order these and choose to fill them with peppermints or candy in various flavours and shapes.

Have peppermints printed for a fresh promotion that no one will want to miss

Candy and peppermints with logo draw attention. To many people they are irresistible. Peppermints are good for digestion and ensure fresh breath. Furthermore, the smell of peppermint makes people more alert. Peppermints are a must in the car, handbag or desk drawer. Have rolls of peppermints printed or hand out cans of peppermints with logo to ensure that your name and logo do not go unnoticed.