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A stuffed animal with a logo contributes to an effective promotion

Giving and receiving gifts always involves emotions and perceptions. Stuffed animals have a softening effect on people and evoke positive emotions. If you use stuffed animals with a print for your promotion, then these stuffed animals with a print will surely unlock emotions in the receiver. Receivers of stuffed animals with a logo do not necessarily need to be children. Also adults can be surprised with a stuffed animal with a print.

A lovely stuffed animal with a logo for young and old

IGO-POST can create personalised stuffed animals for various target groups. The Doc bear expresses your message in care institutions; this stuffed animal with a logo offers comfort to both young and old. The Prof stuffed animal with a logo swings into action at graduations and the SantaBear feels right at home under the Christmas tree. If you give personalised stuffed animals to children your promotion will also catch the attention of the parents. We print the stuffed animal’s clothes with your logo or name. In other cases, we print on the label of the personalised stuffed animal.

Looking for a stuffed animal with a logo? IGO-POST has an extensive collection

A printed stuffed animal becomes an inseparable friend or a stuffed animal with a logo is used as decoration. Looking for a functional printed stuffed animal? We have various stuffed animals with super-soft, warm fleece blankets. Giving away personalised stuffed animals guarantees years of promotion. In our Giveaways/Premiums category you will find countless other items for both young and old, including travel and party games and key rings with a small stuffed animal on it. At IGO-POST you find everything related to a playful and brilliant promotion!